Perfect Lover

intervention in public space, Florence, 2006. /  video transferred on DVD, 1:31″


Life in contemporary society that has made eroticism a basic tone on a mental level resulted in shop windows becoming maximally erotised, filled with plastic bodies which individuality is emphasized to the utmost extent. This ambivalent function of window in erotic sense-permanent attraction (fascination) and its material dissociation from observer provided consumers culture to precisely canalize and aim that condition in „ the most desirable“ possible direction- realization of „erotic“ desire through financial participation.

In Perfect Lover Performance, I toured windows in Florence with the most striking feature of aestheticism and approached them with „excessive“ sensual desire- licking.

Windows licking makes author’s position, from which he performs, transparent- emphasizing of frustrational distance in relation body of (serbian) performer and the world of high esthetics that is characteristic for developed capitalistic societies. Action exists as a parodical performance of noncorporated self position.

Possibility of just virtual identifying with object of desire and erotic dimension of work, make this noncorporation visible in a wider- political and narrower- native sense. It’s about imposibility of true identification with object/culture of personal, sociable and political fascination.





Production: SACI – Studio Art Centre International, Florence, Italy.
Photography: Nina Ivanović
Camera: Ana Jelić

Performance: Danilo Prnjat