Danilo Prnjat (1982) was born in Montenegro (SFR Yugoslavia), lives and works in Belgrade. He realizes works and projects in the expanded field of visual art, performance and artistic practices. For the last few years, he has been working on projects based on long-term processual, research and collaborative work (with other artists and different social groups). The research is focused on alternative economies, possible social-progressive models of work (in culture), politics of participatory practices, collective work and self-organization. In his work, he tries to overcome the established boundaries of art and the relationship between art and social reality. He participated in numerous exhibitions, conferences, talks about art and realized many (art) projects and workshops. He published critical work based on the analysis of liberal culture primarily on the DeMaterialization of Art portal (2018-2021), and he is one of its founders. Also, he is the initiator and participant of a series of temporary work and social collectives, such as: Self-government (2018), Supplementary/Extra Classes (2017-18), minipogon (2017-2023) and working units of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS) (2019-2023).